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Happy Cow Moisturizing Udder Balm is formulated with properties of Vitamins A, D & E, Aloe Vera Gel and Lanolin. Vitamin A supports skin cells and the development of healthy bone tissue.  Vitamin A is also a required nutrient for healthy immune system functioning.  It protects and supports cell membrances to help fight infection and increases white blood cell activity.  [1]   Vitamin D is essential for optimum health and growth.  Vitamin D is absolutely necessary (...)Read More
Lotions, creams and balms all have one common goal, to hydrate, treat and repair dry skin.  However, the difference between these three products is the consistency, thickness and the depth of moisturizing and repair. A lotion has the lightest consistency of the three and is designed mainly for light-weight topical moisturizing.  Generally,  lotion will moisturize skin for a brief period of time and does not contain agents to treat and repair skin. A cream has mid to li (...)Read More
It is simply a fact that not all balm ointments are created equal. As a matter of fact, there is a wide variety of ointments available today that range in their effectiveness when it comes to rough, dry, irritated or itchy skin relief. Whether you have cracked skin or just a slight irritation, trusted udder balm ointment can help. Specifically, Happy Cow moisturizing udder balm ointment uses gentle fragrances and has a unique non-greasy feel. Best of all, it is quickly absorbed into the skin and (...)Read More

Want to Become an Udderbalm Supplier?

On 2020-05-19 08:22:28
Find an Udderbalm Supplier TodayAs a growing number of people are discovering, Udderbalm moisturizing lotions are one of the best products for gaining daily relief from a wide range of skin ailments. This includes everything from cracked and irritated skin to skin that is chapped, itchy or rough. Whatever the skin problem, Udderbalm moisturizing lotions can likely help. An Udderbalm supplier or distributor can easily be found either online or in an actual store. Retailers, wholesalers and distri (...)Read More

Why Our Udderbalm Lotion is the Best!

On 2020-05-19 08:27:24
Udderbalm Skin Lotions for Year-Round Relief Perhaps the first thing to know about Udderbalm skin lotions is that these are no ordinary skin lotion product. As a matter of fact, these trusted lotions are a unique and proprietary combination of winning ingredients resulting in an extraordinary formula that produces amazing results. Regardless of whether the problem is itchy, rough, chapped or dry skin, one thing is sure and that is that Udder Balm, the original happy cow formula can make all the (...)Read More

Udderbalm Ointment - 12oz Pump

On 2020-06-09 07:02:45
Discover the 12oz Pump of Udderbalm LotionPerhaps one of the most effective skin moisturizers available today with a true winning combination of unique formula ingredients is Udder Balm. Incredibly moisturizing and offering genuine daily relief for everything from cracked skin to rough, itchy and dry skin as well as even chapped and irritated skin, this is one year-around moisturizing balm that should not be overlooked. Best of all, the 12oz pump jar of Udderbalm lotion is convenient, easy (...)Read More
Happy Cow Udder Balm is truly a special product in that it helps more people with more kinds of skin conditions than virtually any other moisturizer on the market today. Simply stated, this is a skin moisturizer that is unique and special and that has gained the respect and trust of people from all walks of life. Nurses, doctors and office workers as well as massage therapists and restaurant workers all turned to Happy Cow Udder Balm for better quality skin. With a long list of beneficial ingre (...)Read More
If you have ever experienced dry, itchy, rough or chapped skin as well as perhaps even cracked or irritated skin, you should know the importance of choosing the right type of ointment to help with these and other similar skin conditions. Udder Balm Ointment is a product with a proven track record; it provides daily relief for people of all ages and all backgrounds. In short, this is a product that genuinely works to help improve skin condition in a highly effective way. Best of all, Udder Balm i (...)Read More
Finding an Udder Balm Supplier is Easy When you Know HowWho said it was complicated to find the very best moisturizing lotion available on the market today? Indeed, the Happy Cow line of moisturizing products including famous Udder Balm is literally just a call or click away. Simply visit the website at Udderbalmonline.com and quickly navigate to the product that suits your needs the best. From rough, dry or irritated skin to heels, arms and elbows that are scratchy and cracked, Udder Balm can f (...)Read More

Where Can I Buy Udderbalm?

On 2020-08-11 11:49:48
 Where Can I Buy Udder Balm?This is a common question that is often asked by those with dry or cracked skin. The good news is that Udder Balm products can be purchased in a number of easy and simple ways. As a matter of fact, one of the easiest ways to get the relief that you need when it comes to itchy, rough, chapped, cracked, dry or irritated skin is to simply purchase online. The Udderbalmonline.com website makes it effortless, convenient and simple to purchase a world class skin m (...)Read More