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It is simply a fact that not all balm ointments are created equal. As a matter of fact, there is a wide variety of ointments available today that range in their effectiveness when it comes to rough, dry, irritated or itchy skin relief. Whether you have cracked skin or just a slight irritation, trusted udder balm ointment can help. Specifically, Happy Cow moisturizing udder balm ointment uses gentle fragrances and has a unique non-greasy feel. Best of all, it is quickly absorbed into the skin and provides lasting protection even in the most extreme of weather.

Sooth and Renew Skin

Perhaps most notable of all is that this type of balm ointment has lasting benefit in areas of low humidity where temperatures are exceedingly warm or cold. Just a daily application can help to soften, sooth and renew skin in ways that you never imagined. Regardless of the type of environmental conditions that skin is exposed to, udder balm moisturizers will soften legs, feet, arms, elbows and hands. Those with particularly sensitive skin can rest assured that this is an ointment that will help. Another great benefit of this popular balm is that it helps those who frequently wash their hands to enjoy much better skin quality.

Proprietary Blends

This is especially important in times where washing hands seems to be a much more frequent occurrence. Happy Cow moisturizing udder balm ointment has incredible penetrating power that keeps people coming back time and again. With proprietary blends of highly effective ingredients, this is a balm like no other. From construction workers to restaurant workers and mechanics as well as emergency service personnel and even heavy-duty welders, udder balm ointment is the smart choice. To learn more about this remarkable ointment contact Happy Cow today.