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Gift Giving Ideas

Ideas For Giving A Gift Of

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ACCENT THE PARTY... Favors add excitement when guests are seated. Accent the party! They`ll recognize your special touch to the celebration whether it is a holiday party, a bridal shower or a retirement party. Your warmth and graciousness as a hostess will show through and will get your guests in a festive mood right away.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS... Gifts are given for accomplishments. We may give gifts to reward another`s behavior such as a job promotion or some achievement such as running a marathon or competing in a swim meet or a horse show.

CONSIDERATION... Consideration is another reason for giving favors or gifts. Someone may have participated in the planning of an event with you or the extra attention the school teacher has given to your child. Showing your appreciation will be remembered for a long time. It`s not the favor, but the thought behind the gift.

GRATITUDE... Why give favors? Gratitude comes to mind. When it comes to birthday parties or bridal showers, favors mean gratitude. You`ll want to thank your guests for coming and sharing your special day.

JOY OF GIVING... If you can give someone a nice memory of a good time shared together whether it`s a beach party, garden party or wine party, through party favors, then you have gained the joy of giving. Favors are small and a thoughtful way of experiencing the joy of giving. They don`t have to be expensive.

MEMORIES... We all want nice memories of our special day, whether it`s an anniversary party, a wedding, birthday party, bridal shower or some other special event. Favors are a way of providing your guests with special memories they can actually take home.

PERSONAL BONDS... Gift-giving occasions are opportunities to affirm one`s personal bonds to loved ones. It is just a way of showing affection whether it is for a small home party with friends, your card group, a get-well gift for a neighbor or your coffee clutch gals.

TOKEN OF APPRECIATION... Companies give gifts as token of appreciation to their employees for their valued contribution such as reaching the company`s quarter sales goal or to customers for their loyalty and support.

TO MARK A MILESTONE... Gifts are given to mark milestones, such as a new home, birthdays and anniversaries, special occasions like Valentine`s Day, Mother`s and Father`s Days. Special events like the birth of a baby, graduations, retirements, baptisms and Bar/Bat Mitzvahs are also celebrated.

TRADITION... It is a tradition to give gifts on occasions like Christmas and birthdays. But giving gifts on occasions like New Years, Easter, Administrative Professionals` Day, Grandparents Day, Boss`s Day, are becoming more a ritual now. Remember, they don`t have to be expensive!

There are many reasons why people give party favors or gifts. Plain and simple ... to say thank you and to let family and friends know that you care!