A&E Balm Company, the maker of Happy Cow Udder Balm, has to use a lot of cardboard to ship hundreds of thousands of tubes of Happy Cow Udder Balm to customers each year. So, the owners of the company feel an extra responsibility to recycle and re-use as much material as possible, reducing the waste that would go to landfills or require energy to recycle it. In fact, we take recycling so seriously, we re-use the boxes in which our product comes from the factory. We break our boxes down and take them back to our filling plant, re-using each box over and over again. It takes extra effort on behalf of our employees, but we think it’s worth it. In addition, we also recycle paper, plastic and cans through our local waste management company.

And, we cut down all of our displays and re-use the border and unused portion of the display as spacers and padding in our shipping boxes. To save on materials, we even bring our packaging material, like bubble wrap, from home to re-use in shipping. Always on the look out for ways to save on packaging, we bring dry cleaning shirt cardboards from home to use as protection on the top of our shipping boxes to prevent slicing into our product upon opening in the store. All of these efforts add up to re-using thousands of cubic feet of packaging materials each year, rather than it going into the garbage or requiring energy to recycle it.