Properties of Happy Cow Moisturizing Udder Balm

Happy Cow Moisturizing Udder Balm is formulated with properties of Vitamins A, D & E, Aloe Vera Gel and Lanolin.Vitamin A supports skin cells and the development of healthy bone tissue.& (...)

Udderbalm: Safe for Human Use?

There are no reported negative side effects of Udderbalm use in humans, however, if a rash occurs use should be discontinued. Udderbalm is not FDA approved for human use, but farmers have been applyin (...)

What's the difference between a lotion, a cream and a balm?

Lotions, creams and balms all have one common goal, to hydrate, treat and repair dry skin. However, the difference between these three products is the consistency, thickness and the depth of mois (...)